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Perawatan Jerawat
Register : 2014-09-04 03:56:30 pm

Ulasan dari Jin Nana, pasien kita dari Cina. Dia datang untuk program perawatan jerawat dan mengirim testimoninya.


This was my first time receiving dermatology treatment in Korea. i had already tried many skin care programs from famous spas, but my main concern was acne and pore removal. 




When I visited the Renewme Skin Clinic Jamsil branch, I first noticed that it was neat and luxurious. The clinic has 5 branches in Seoul, so next time I plan on visiting the Dongdaemun branch after some shopping.


During my consultation with the dermatologist, I was recommended the acne scaling and pore laser treatment package, which consisted of 4 treatment sessions.


The first treatment was acne scaling.

With anesthetic cream, I didn't feel any pain during the scaling.





The scaling marks are still visible here because of the redness.

The good thing about acne scaling was that the procedure time took only 15 minutes.



My skin was fully recovered 4 days after the scaling procedure.

I applied moisturizing cream everyday, just like the doctor said.

I think it's helping in making a quick recovery.



When I went out for dinner, my friends told me my acne were reduced and I was happy to hear it.




This is 5 days after the procedure. Most of the acne marks are gone and my skin looks so shiny.

I am so satisfied.




This is me with the Renewme interpreter. She was so nice and she called me afterwards to check up on me.

I strongly recommend Renewme dermatology acne removal programs.